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Cafes|Kesk tänav 1, Valga linn, Valga County 68203

Cafe and bakery Carl, located right in the centre of Valga, has a cosy interior, friendly service...

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Cafes|Lipuväljak 8, Otepää linn, Valga County 67404

Café Elsa is a café inspired by the 1930s. We offer soft drinks, hot drinks and a small selection...

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Cafes|Vabaduse tänav 35, Valga linn, Valga County 68204

Cafe Johanna offers a variety of flavours: morning coffee with delicious pastry, with a selection of...

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Cafes|Riia tänav 14, Valga linn, Valga County 68203

Café Riia is a cosy place with warm bagels and other baked goods. It is located near the state...

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Cafes|Pikk tänav 16, Valga linn, Valga County 68206

Sineli Café, located in the yard of Valga Military Theme Park, offers a delicious lunch at an...

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Cafes|Kauru, Otepää vald, Kaurutootsi küla, Valga County 67307

Among the Otepää hills, the mistress of the Toidupada welcomes everyone who likes the country...

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Cafes|Jaama puiestee 12, Valga linn, Valga County 68204

Fresh Buffe is a cosy little café at Valga train and bus station where you can enjoy a generous...

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Cafes|Kooli tänav 4, Otepää vald, Puka alevik, Valga County 67217

Kraine Café-Bakery is located in the Puka borough. The café serves delicious daily meals and...

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Cafes|Kevade tänav 4, Tõrva linn, Valga County 68605

The friendly people operating the Läti Saatkond ('Latvian embassy') cafe make it a great place to...

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Cafes|Vabaduse tänav 2/4, Valga linn, Valga County

The diner in the centre of Valga serves affordable and simple lunches.There are 30 seats in the...

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Valga Visitors' Centre
Kesk 11, Valga
+372 766 1699

Mon-Fri 10-16; Sat-Sun 10-14
Mon-Fr 10-17

Otepää Tourist information
Tartu mnt 1, Otepää
+372 766 1200

Mon-Fri 10-17; Sat 10-14
Mon-Fri 10-17; Sat-Sun  10-15

Tõrva Tourist Information Point
Valga mnt 1, Tõrva
+372 766 3300, +372 5609 2215

Tue-Sat10-15; Mon,Sun CLOSED!

Valka tourist infocenter
Rigas 22, Valka Läti Vabariik
+371 6472 5522, +371 2544 6602

 8-17 (lunch 12-13)
Mon-Fri 9-17; Sat-Sun 10-14