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Restaurants|Otepää vald, Mäha küla, Valga County 67409

Club restaurant Privileeg in the Otepää Golf Club invites you to enjoy authentic Mediterranean...

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Bars & pubs|Lipuväljak tn 3, Otepää vald, Otepää, Valga County 67403

Edgar Tavern is a popular and well-loved eatery in the city centre of Otepää. There is hearty and...

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Restaurants|Tennisevälja tänav 1, Otepää vald, Otepää linn, Valga County 67405

GMP Pühajärve Restaurant is listed in the White Guide Nordic 2020 as one of the best eateries in...

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Restaurants|Tehvandi tänav 1A, Otepää vald, Otepää linn, Valga County 67405

The restaurant of Hotel Karupesa caters for both hotel guests and everyone else. The restaurant is...

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Restaurants|Otepää vald, Vidrike küla, Valga County 67304

Kivitalu Restaurant Rock Summer is known for its delicious and fresh meals, made with love from...

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Bars & pubs|Tartu maantee 1a, Otepää vald, Otepää linn, Valga County 67404

We offer 17 different thin crust pizzas in two sizes. You can add any toppings you like. We will...

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Bars & pubs|Otepää vald, Pühajärve küla, Valga County 67414

The pub of Pühajärve Spa & Holiday Resort has an historical atmosphere you are sure to enjoy. The...

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Restaurants|Otepää vald, Pühajärve küla, Valga County 67414

The delicious food, elegantly laid tables and pleasant service at the hotel's à la carte restaurant...

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Restaurants|Lipuväljak 26, Otepää vald, Otepää linn, Valga County 67403

Ugandi Resto, which offers delicious meals, pleasant service, and a stylish design, is a leisure...

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Restaurants|Otepää vald, Lossiküla, Valga County 67005

Restaurant Vidrik is waiting to offer you new culinary experiences!It was established by two chefs...

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Tõrva Tourist Information Point
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