Holiday house|Otepää vald, Pedajamäe küla, Valga County 67417

The cosy Aasa Holiday House is located in a scenic place and here you can enjoy yourself and relax...

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Guest apartment|Aia tänav 18A, Valga, Valga County 68205

A small guest apartment located on the edge of the Säde Park in the centre of Valga. Also possible...

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Holiday house|Otepää vald, Raudsepa küla, Valga County 67415

The Annemäe Holiday House is located in the Otepää Nature Park on the shore of the Väike...

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Camping & Caravans|Otepää vald, Sihva küla, Valga County 67301

Annimatsi camping grounds is approximately 6 km from the centre of Otepää, towards Kääriku. The...

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Hotel|Tennisevälja tänav , Otepää vald, Otepää linn, Valga County 67405

The GMP Clubhotel is an exclusive apartment hotel in Otepää, on the shore of Lake Pühajärve. The...

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Holiday house|Otepää vald, Nüpli küla, Valga County 67408

The nearest place of accommodation to the Väike-Munamägi Ski Centre. The holiday house is on the...

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Holiday house|Otepää vald, Nüpli küla, Valga County

Helbemäe Holiday House is 2.5 km from Otepää, on the foot of the Väike Munamägi Hill. It is the...

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Holiday house|Otepää vald, Vidrike küla, Valga County 67304

Kivi Tourism Farm is situated 8 km from Otepää among the woods and hills of Southern...

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Holiday house|Otepää vald, Kastolatsi küla, Valga County 67410

You will find the rustic holiday home of Metsatu Valge Elevant with its natural charm only 2 km from...

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Holiday house|Valga vald, Iigaste küla, Valga County 68308

Kalda farm is located by the Väike Emajõgi river, 20 km away from Valga. If you wish to spend your...

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Otepää Tourist information
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