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10 juul
Valga/Valka seitsme kiriku suvemuusika festival
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Rahvusvaheline puukäsitöö laager
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EVS blog: The shadow of the snowflakes in Tõrva...

17:03 11.01.2018

…is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It’s kind of romantic. All the lights, the Christmas markets, hot wine in the street and the typical sweets. I can feel how the supposed cold character of Estonian people has changed. May be is because they feel more confident with me or may be it is because of the festivities.

It was kind of difficult to explain to my mum that I was going to spend Christmas and also New Year here and not go to Spain, but she already knew it because she knows her daughter, of course. So I have been here all month and I am not planning to go to my country up to now and no in a near future.

Valga Külastuskeskus
Kesk 11, Valga
+372 766 1699

16.09-14.05: E-R 10-16; L-P 10-14
15.05-15.09: E-P 10-17

Otepää turismiinfokeskus
Tartu mnt 1, Otepää
+372 766 1200

16.09-14.05: E-R 10-17; L 10-14
15.05-15.09: E-R 10-17; L-P 10-15

Tõrva turismiinfopunkt
Valga mnt 1, Tõrva
+372 766 3300, +372 5609 2215

01.06-21.08: E-P10-15
22.08-31.05: T-L 10-15; E,P SULETUD!

Valka turismiinfo büroo
Rigas 22, Valka Läti Vabariik
+371 6472 5522, +371 2544 6602

01.09-31.05: E-R 8-17 (lõuna 12-13)
01.06-31.08: E-R 9-17; L-P 10-14